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Prenuptial agreement can be utilized to preserve more than wealth

In the past several years, family law attorneys have seen a significant increase in the numbers of couples who are interested in drawing up marital contracts. While a prenuptial agreement used to be employed mainly by wealthy or celebrity couples, prenups are becoming increasingly popular among a wide variety of couples. Colorado residents who are interested in how these contracts can be useful for their particular situation may benefit from learning more.

A prenup is frequently used to ensure that family wealth can be preserved in the event a marriage does not survive. However, they can also be used in situations where a couple is concerned that state laws could change and adversely affect a future settlement agreement. Penups can also be employed to ensure that a spouse receives recompense if either marital income or the other spouse's resources were used to help pay down student loan debts.

Other reasons that a couple may enter into a prenup include deciding how to determine ownership of a family pet as well as certain issue that may arise from assisted reproductive technologies. With the advances in reproductive technology, professionals advise spouses to seek a written contract to decide who would take custody of frozen sperm or eggs. Though a fertility clinic requires its own legal contracts, individuals are likewise encouraged to have a plan in place to resolve any questions over these potential children.

A prenuptial agreement may also be useful in protecting the rights of a spouse who worked to establish a successful enterprise. Even if a business was not launched before a marriage commenced, a well-crafted marital contract can ensure that a spouse receives an equitable share if a company that he or she contributed to it by way of assets or sweat equity. Colorado residents who are discussing an upcoming marriage and are seeking information on how a prenup could protect them may choose to consult with an experienced attorney.

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