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A divorce is best handled with careful planning and preparation

There are few things more stressful in life than ending a marriage. A divorce is even more stressful if children are involved. Colorado residents can use checklists to stay focused on their end goals throughout the family law proceedings.

The first priority for the majority of divorcing parents is the well-being of their children. To that end, it is helpful to keep track of the issues that need to be addressed. These likely include such details as parenting time schedules and how to make major decisions going forward. As children mature, parents will need to agree about the decision-making process when it comes to religion, education and other activities. Parenting plans may also include details such as how to handle dating with respect to the children, and child care options.

The next issue involves financial considerations. Spouses should gather all pertinent information relating to household income and expenses as well as a listing of all marital and separate assets. Having a complete financial picture will enable the two sides to negotiate a settlement agreement that will best meet their needs in the future. It is also suggested that spouses refrain from posting on social media sites during divorce proceedings as some information could potentially be used against the other party in a contentious split.

It's also best for each party to use a separate email account as a means of communicating with his or her attorney. Once the divorce commences, the parties will be prevented from making any changes to existing joint accounts or life insurance policies until after the divorce has been settled. Colorado residents may be best served by seeking the input of an experienced attorney who can guide them throughout the proceedings while helping to prepare the best settlement agreement possible.

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