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November 2018 Archives

Beloved movie still praised over handling of divorce and custody

In the entertainment industry, the end of a relationship is often either the subject of a romantic comedy or a thriller, as the two sides either reunite or end up harming one another. However, there is one movie that is still being praised over the way it handled the subject of divorce and child custody. Though the premise of "Mrs. Doubtfire" was far-fetched at best, it is likely that many Colorado families felt that it portrayed a realistic outcome as the parents learned to work together after a divorce.

How will a military divorce affect a former spouse's benefits?

The decision to wed an active service member comes with many considerations. With that being said, a military divorce also differs from a civilian one. Colorado residents who are contemplating a divorce from a service member may have many questions about how to proceed.

Does cohabitation really lead to greater risk of divorce?

For years, it was assumed that the studies that pointed to the danger that cohabitation presented to healthy marriages were accurate. However, during the past several years, more recent studies seemed to deny any link between living together before marriage and an eventual divorce. Colorado residents may be interested in learning, though, that the most recent in-depth report appears to confirm that a divorce is more likely for couples who choose to live together first.

There are many false beliefs regarding a prenuptial agreement

It has long been presumed that marital contracts are only intended to protect the assets of wealthy couples. However, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that the interests of both spouses will be provided for if a marriage does not survive. Though Colorado couples may fear initializing this discussion, doing so may allow the parties to engage in effective communications about their impending marriage. 

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