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Certain behaviors in marriage more likely to lead to a divorce

A successful marriage may be difficult to sustain simply based on the personalities of the two parties involved. If there are certain behaviors present for an extended period of time, then the chances for a divorce may increase. Colorado residents who are struggling with ongoing problems with their partner may decide that a divorce is the best option.

According to a group of professionals who deal with relationship issues, there are a few common traits that people may exhibit that tend to increase the odds that a marriage will end in a divorce. Though everyone may exhibit some of these traits occasionally, it is believed that the constant presence of these behaviors does not bode well for a happy marriage. One of the first of these traits is to view minor inconveniences or disagreements as a major problem. A partner who often overreacts to minor situations can cause the marriage to derail.

Another stumbling block is a partner who focuses on the material aspects of a marriage. A spouse who consistently earns more may tend to devalue the contributions of the other spouse. Over time this can cause feelings of inadequacy and discontent. Another problem can manifest in a spouse who actively avoids disagreements. While this sounds like a mature behavior, in the end, arguments can actually lead to more effective communication and conflict resolution.

Other potential problems within a relationship can exist if either partner suffers from a poor self-image. Over time, the insecure spouse may look for attention from another, which can lead to infidelity. Habitual selfishness and narcissism can also undermine a relationship over time. All marriages will undergo stresses, though if these traits are prevalent, then it may be impossible to maintain a healthy relationship. Colorado residents who are struggling with any serious problems and are ready to file for a divorce may benefit from consulting with an experienced family law attorney. 

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