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October 2018 Archives

Family law: Dealing with gopher parents in Colorado

Divorced gopher parents who keep popping in an out of their children's lives are not healthy. There are many family law tools in Colorado that can help parents as single individuals so this kind of thing doesn't happen. A gopher parent is usually one who doesn't have a hand in discipline and conveniently shows up usually when all is well and fails to stick around in the hard times, so co-parenting with this type of individual can be a challenge.

Stepparent adoption is another aspect of family law

When one thinks of adoption, it is likely that one pictures a home comprised of a mother and father who are opening their home to a child in need. However, another aspect of family law is the formal adoption of a child by a new stepparent. Though this is the second most common type of adoption, it is one that Colorado families may not consider to be as life-changing for the child involved.

Prenuptial agreement can strengthen marriage and reduce divorces

Divorce is likely the furthest thing from anyone's mind on the day that they marry. Statistics, though, point to the reality that many marriages will not last over the long term. Many professionals urge engaged couples to sign a prenuptial agreement as a means of supporting the marital relationship. Colorado couples who are preparing to wed may benefit from seeking information about how these contracts can protect them.

Certain behaviors in marriage more likely to lead to a divorce

A successful marriage may be difficult to sustain simply based on the personalities of the two parties involved. If there are certain behaviors present for an extended period of time, then the chances for a divorce may increase. Colorado residents who are struggling with ongoing problems with their partner may decide that a divorce is the best option.

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