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Key points to know about the workings of a prenuptial agreement

After news of the marriage between Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin broke, there has been much speculation over how the couple's assets would be divided in the event their union does not last. A prenuptial agreement affords couples several key advantages, including allowing each to retain his or her separate assets that he or she owned before the marriage. There are several important points that Colorado residents may benefit from if they are considering this type of contract.

Woman seeks to update and streamline divorce process

While no one hopes that their marriage will end in a dissolution, there is a good chance that many Colorado residents will find themselves facing that prospect in the future. Divorce proceedings can be an exhausting process that takes a toll on one's emotional, mental and financial health. It is also an antiquated process in the eyes of one entrepreneur.

Therapists claim there is one key sign a divorce is more likely

Couples who decide to enter into a marriage likely have expectations that their relationship will last throughout their lives. Unfortunately, over time, people often change and may realize that a marriage is no longer sustainable. Colorado residents who have come to this conclusion may have experienced feelings of hopelessness that professionals claim is one of the key signs that a divorce is inevitable.

General guidelines for parental visitation rights after divorce

Before 1999, the general terms that were used to refer to child custody and the time spent with a non-custodial parent were sole custody and parental visitation. There has been a concerted effort to ensure that children are permitted as much access to both parents as possible after a divorce or separation. Colorado has updated its laws to reflect the idea that children benefit the most from shared time with both of their parents.

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