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July 2018 Archives

Mother's struggle for child custody is complex issue

Parents who realize that their relationship is no longer viable are then faced with the decision of how to best raise their children. When there is intense animosity between them, it may then become a challenge to effectively settle the issue of child custody. Colorado families who are unable to resolve these disputes amicably may seek additional assistance. 

A prenuptial agreement becoming part of millennials' conversation

During the 'Great Recession' that began in 2008, members of the millennial generation were significantly impacted. As a result, this generation appears to be more focused on career goals rather than the traditional milestone of marrying and having a family. It may come as no surprise that this generation is more inclined to seek a prenuptial agreement before they decide to marry. Colorado residents who may be interested in these contracts can seek further information.

Eviction: Doing it effectively means doing it legally

If you are a Colorado landlord, or have designs on becoming one, it's important for you to be aware of the potential benefits and pitfalls. One of the biggest items on the plus side; a stream of passive income that provides greater financial security or even the funds to do something you might never be able to otherwise.

Spending on rings and weddings may be indicator of future divorce

For many couples, the planning and expense of paying for their wedding day may come with an even higher and unexpected cost. Some researchers have found that there appears to be a connection between how much is spent on the rings and ceremony, and the likelihood of a divorce. Colorado couples who have invested a significant amount into that wedding ring may find that the ring itself cannot prevent the demise of their relationship.

There is a path to emotional recovery after a divorce

The end of a marriage usually brings a vast array of emotions. While the relief that can be provided by seeking a divorce is the ultimate goal, the healing process to get there may take time. Colorado residents who are beginning the journey to a new life may benefit from learning about the path to emotional well-being after a dissolution.

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