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The decision to divorce may still mean the marriage was a success

There was a time when the exchanging of wedding vows indicated that the parties intended to remain together until death. As time and society has changed, the idea of a marriage ending in a divorce became much more acceptable. Colorado residents who are considering their own dissolution may be relieved to learn that even a successful marriage sometimes can end in a divorce.

Marriage counselors have recently suggested that the purpose of a marriage is to enable the parties involved to grow and change over time. Though the idea of change may be off-putting to some, it instead may indicate that the spouses have matured in many aspects of who they are as individuals. As a result, the parties may find that they have actually outgrown the relationship.

Once the partners acknowledge that there are problems in their relationship, many may feel that they are no longer willing to put in the emotional effort to correct them. Many who seek marriage counseling may believe that the goal is to repair the marriage, but many professionals are instead advocating that the couple choose the option that will best bring them peace of mind. The decision to seek a divorce has been compared to changing careers when one is no longer thriving and finding fulfillment.

There are few relationships that will challenge a person more than a marriage. It can expose both the positive and negative aspects of each spouse's personality. When a marriage causes the partners to grow in ways that are no longer compatible in the marriage, it may be the best choice to seek a divorce rather than stay in a relationship that makes the parties miserable. Colorado residents who have reached the point where a dissolution is the best option may benefit from seeking the guidance of a family law attorney who can help them reach a settlement that will allow them freedom to continue to grow as individuals.

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