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June 2018 Archives

Tax changes may have significant impact on divorce next year

The prospect of dissolving a marriage and determining the best settlement agreement is seldom an easy undertaking. Now, with the looming tax changes that will become effective next year, the push to settle during this year may become more pressing. Colorado residents who are uncertain as to how the tax revisions may impact their divorce may seek more information from knowledgeable professionals.

The decision to divorce may still mean the marriage was a success

There was a time when the exchanging of wedding vows indicated that the parties intended to remain together until death. As time and society has changed, the idea of a marriage ending in a divorce became much more acceptable. Colorado residents who are considering their own dissolution may be relieved to learn that even a successful marriage sometimes can end in a divorce.

Court rules in child custody matter that parent can dictate diet

There are endless decisions that must be agreed upon when parents set out to raise children. In the event that there is a divorce, deciding on matters related to child custody may be difficult to resolve. Colorado parents who are unable to come to an agreement on important issues may seek a third party's input.

For family law and child custody, the right experience is key

The process of untangling two people's lives during a divorce can be complicated. If there are children involved, the prospect of determining child custody may seem almost impossible. Colorado residents who are facing a divorce or are struggling to settle a dispute over custody may feel as if the problems will never be resolved.

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