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A prenuptial agreement can provide peace of mind for any couple

When one hears discussions concerning a marital agreement, it may be assumed that the parties involved have considerable assets that need protection in the event of a future divorce. However, almost any couple could potentially benefit from having a prenuptial agreement in place before they exchange vows. Colorado residents do not need to be in the top percent of the income bracket in order to consider having such an agreement in place.

Individuals share lessons learned after a later-in-life divorce

When a couple exchanges vows, they likely intend for them to last for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, even marriages that have lasted for years may be vulnerable to divorce over time. Colorado residents who are contemplating a later-in-life divorce may benefit from the experiences of individuals who have gone through one.

A prenuptial agreement is useful tool for money management

Budgeting for a wedding and honeymoon can place a strain on a couple's finances from the beginning. Since the average cost for both can run an estimated $30,000, it may be beneficial to both parties to have a serious discussion about financial goals in the beginning of the relationship. To that end, a prenuptial agreement may provide an opportunity for Colorado residents to discuss how they hope to handle their marital finances.

New law defaults to joint child custody

Over the past several decades, there has been a shift in the way family court judges determine whether one parent will be the primary caregiver. As a result, more and more parents are being awarded shared child custody. While every state has its own laws regarding this sensitive matter, Colorado courts generally lean toward a joint custody plan whenever it is appropriate.

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