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Father granted child custody after prolonged battle with mother

Once parents have determined that they are unable to maintain a relationship with one another, the toughest decision they will likely face is how to raise their children. This also includes deciding how to determine child custody in the event that shared custody is not a possibility. Colorado parents who are struggling to settle this vital issue may seek the advice of a neutral third party. 

An unusual case that purportedly drew widespread interest on social media sites was recently settled by a jury who decided that a child would be best served by residing with her father. The case escalated when the mother allegedly refused to turn over the 4-year-old girl in spite of a court order. The child was missing for approximately seven days after being hidden by her mother, who had accused the father of inappropriate contact with the young child.

On his part, the father has alleged that the child's mother has engaged in manipulation against him. The father hired an investigator in his quest to obtain custody of his daughter. The jury's decision to award managing custody to the father was declared by him to be a victory for all fathers.

Just like this father, Colorado parents who are unable to settle the issue of child custody do have options to explore. Family courts attempt to award shared custody in those situations where such arrangements are appropriate. In those cases where such parenting plans are not in the best interest of the child, parents may chose to consult with an experienced family law attorney in order to determine the arrangements that will best suit their particular situations.

Source:, "Father wins child custody battle after bitter fight with a Beaumont mother", March 29, 2018

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