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An extra-marital affair may not have to affect child custody plan

Parents will usually agree that raising children is a difficult proposition under the best circumstances. In the event that there has been a divorce, then deciding who gets primary child custody can be a struggle, especially when one partner engaged in an extra-marital affair. It may surprise some Colorado parents to learn that cheating does not necessarily mean that the faithful parent will be awarded sole custody.

As society has changed over the past several years, the stigma of cheating has less of an effect on child custody than may be believed. In many situations, even though a former spouse may feel that a cheating spouse is an unsuitable parent, that parent may still be a loving and capable care provider. If the parents are able to communicate effectively, they may be able to set guidelines for when children can be introduced to a new love interest in a parent's life.

In situations where the parents are unable to come to terms, a neutral third party may be able to help parents determine an appropriate parenting plan. It is possible that they can still parent their children effectively in spite of the broken relationship between the former spouses. An acceptable plan may provide certain conditions and times for when children can be introduced to new people.

Though an extra-marital affair can leave a lasting impact on the offended spouse, the most important consideration is how that behavior could possibly impact children. If a cheating parent poses a risk to his or her children, then a family court will likely take steps to ensure that children are protected. Colorado parents who are finding it difficult to arrive at a child custody agreement may benefit from seeking the input of a compassionate family law attorney who can ensure that the best interests of the children are at the forefront of all proposed custody plans.

Source:, "Does Cheating Affect Child Custody Arrangements? Here's When Infidelity Is Taken Into Consideration", Jacqueline Burt Cote, April 18, 2018

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