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April 2018 Archives

Military divorce does not mean parenting has to be sacrificed

An end of a marriage is full of many conflicting emotions and issues that must be resolved. If either or both spouses are service members, then either may worry that a military divorce will mean a strained relationship with their children. Colorado parents who are worried about the effect a divorce will have on their parenting can seek advice and counseling.

An extra-marital affair may not have to affect child custody plan

Parents will usually agree that raising children is a difficult proposition under the best circumstances. In the event that there has been a divorce, then deciding who gets primary child custody can be a struggle, especially when one partner engaged in an extra-marital affair. It may surprise some Colorado parents to learn that cheating does not necessarily mean that the faithful parent will be awarded sole custody.

Father granted child custody after prolonged battle with mother

Once parents have determined that they are unable to maintain a relationship with one another, the toughest decision they will likely face is how to raise their children. This also includes deciding how to determine child custody in the event that shared custody is not a possibility. Colorado parents who are struggling to settle this vital issue may seek the advice of a neutral third party. 

Marital agreements might help prevent protracted disputes

In 2012, the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act was proposed in order to ensure that these types of contracts would be accepted by divorce courts equally. Though the intentions behind the Act are beneficial, only two states, including Colorado, have adopted it. Couples residing here may be in a better position when they seek to have marital agreements enforced in court.

Who gets to claim the Tax credit for the Child Dependency Exemption after a divorce?

An exemption is an amount of money you can subtract from your Adjusted Gross Income ("AGI") when calculating your tax burden, which can result in smaller tax bill. Parents may be able to claim an exemption for each qualifying child, called a Child Dependency Exemption ("CDE"). A child can only be claimed by one parent per year. As such, one of the collateral issues to a divorce with children is which parent gets to claim the children as a CDE on their personal tax return.

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