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The approach to a prenuptial agreement can make a difference

The decision to propose may seem like the most difficult one in the beginning. However, that may seem easy when it comes time to planning the wedding and handling conversations concerning finances and whether a prenuptial agreement would be appropriate. Colorado residents who are wondering whether this type of contract would be useful may benefit from seeking further information.

Prenups can help a couple discuss their expectations for their marriage, particularly with regard to financial concerns. Some individuals stumble over the manner in which to approach to topic with their partner. Waiting until right before a wedding will likely only increase the stress and tensions. Ultimately, it could also call into question the validity of the agreement if one party was rushed into signing on the dotted line. It is advisable to initiate discussions well in advance of the wedding, as part of the wedding planning process.

Conversations about future financial and career goals can make a prenuptial agreement a seamless part of detailed plans. If both parties have an idea of how a possible divorce will affect their own finances, then advance planning can help ease the fears one may have, especially if one has already witnessed or experienced a prior divorce without this layer of protection. Furthermore, having a calm and thorough discussion about how a business or other assets will be handled both during the relationship or in the event of a dissolution can be seen as preemptive marriage counseling since both partners will be on the same page as far as financial matters are concerned.

Individual states have laws in place as guidelines for the property division process in divorce proceedings. By executing a prenuptial agreement, couples can reach their own accord in order to better meet their individual expectations in the event a divorce should occur down the road. In Colorado, an attorney can assess one's needs for financial stability and work to ensure those needs are provided for through a well-prepared marriage contract.

Source:, "The Prenup and Premarital Agreement: Here's How to Get the Conversation Started", Jaimie Mackey, March 4, 2018

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