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After a divorce, settlement agreement is the solution for dispute

The process of ending a marriage is frequently an emotionally draining experience. Once the final divorce decree has been granted, it does not always mark the end of interactions with a former spouse. Colorado residents who have endured the process may find that their settlement agreement can be the best source for resolving disputes.

In many situations, a dissolution does not necessarily end the relationship -- especially when children or a business still require input from both parties. In these regular or unavoidable interactions, it is possible that either party may tend to extend courtesies that are not required by the agreement. If, over time, one former spouse demonstrates an inclination to exploit this kindness, it can become a point of contention between the two parties.

Some former partners may suggest that the change in behavior or attitude sets a precedent that makes the official settlement agreement null and void. If these expectations are not what the other party intended, then it is legal and acceptable to revert back to the terms set forth in the agreement. When disputes arise, a family court judge will simply enforce the terms in the agreement and will not change any points unless there is a formal petition submitted. However, in many situations, merely enforcing the terms of the existing contract will be adequate to prevent a former spouse from deviating from the terms.

In order to ensure that a divorce settlement best meets one's needs, it is beneficial to play an active role in the creation of these documents. While there may be occasions that arise that cannot be settled using the terms of the contract, the majority of the time, simply abiding by the parameters previously set forth will be sufficient to quell any disagreements. Colorado residents who are preparing to initiate their own divorce action may choose to consult with an experienced family law attorney in order to arrive at the settlement that will best represent their individual needs.

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