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February 2018 Archives

Fathers actively support new child custody proposal bill

When the relationship between parents comes to an end, children are frequently caught in the middle. In spite of each party's best intentions, child custody agreements often favor one parent over the other. Though Colorado has its own approach when determining parenting plans for minors, many states have recently reviewed how custody is decided.

Those with child custody struggling to receive support payments

Once the final divorce decree has been issued, many may think that the most difficult part is behind them. Unfortunately, those parents who have been awarded child custody may now struggle to make ends meet, especially when the court-ordered support payments do not arrive on a regular basis. There may be many Colorado parents who are either not receiving these vital payments or are finding it difficult to send the money in a timely manner.

Steps to take to begin a military divorce during a deployment

Life with an active duty service member can be challenging, especially during a deployment. During these stressful times, it is not uncommon for a spouse at home to be told that the service member wants a divorce. While this may feel like a devastating blow, there are steps that Colorado residents can take that will ease the process of seeking a military divorce.

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