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January 2018 Archives

Drafting a prenuptial agreement can be a joint effort

At the beginning of many relationships, couples often tend to tread lightly when the conversation turns to money -- especially when one is more financially stable than the other. However, if a marriage is in the plans, then it may be more beneficial to address the issue of a prenuptial agreement early in the planning. Though the idea of discussing this type of contract may be uncomfortable, it is likely that Colorado residents can do so with a little finesse and planning.

Woman forced to pay for abusive husband's divorce attorney

Colorado readers may be shocked to learn that a law on the books in another state requires victims of domestic violence to pay legal fees for their abusive spouse if the abuser is in prison. Making matters even worse, the legal fees in question aren't for criminal defense, but for divorce. That can make it hard for an abused spouse to find the strength and means to leave a dangerous marriage. 

Child custody is a challenge for disabled parents

When a Colorado court is faced with a custody challenge, the central focus is supposed to be the best interests of the child. That standard sometimes comes into direct conflict with parental rights, especially in cases where there are issues that are not exactly black or white. An example is found in child custody cases where disabled parents are accused of being unable to meet the needs of their children. 

Technology can be used to spy on spouses during divorce

It's no secret that divorcing spouses will often go to great lengths to get the upper hand in the process of ending their marriage. In the digital age, there are a multitude of gadgets and devices that can assist spouses who are trying to track the comings and goings of their partner. Understanding the legality of this approach is important and can help Colorado spouses avoid an unfavorable outcome in divorce court. 

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