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What role does a divorce coach play for Colorado families?

For Colorado parents who are planning to end their marriage, maintaining or establishing good communications with their partner is important. When a couple shares one or more children, they remain closely connected, whether they like it or not. Those who are able to work together to place the interests of their children above their own emotional needs should consider working on their communication skills. That's where a divorce coach comes into play.

A divorce coach acts as a sort of "translator" throughout the divorce process. These professionals are highly trained, and help guide spouses through negotiations and collaborative problem-solving. If the discussion begins to veer off topic, the divorce coach can gently yet firmly get things back on track. They can also point out communication patterns the couple has established and suggest more beneficial approaches.

A divorce coach cannot replace the role of a trained therapist, but can certainly help spouses refocus their efforts on creating a positive co-parenting relationship. They can also ensure that both parties focus on effective problem-solving tactics to help reach a child custody settlement that is beneficial to everyone involved. When both parties feel that they have actively participated in crafting their agreement, it becomes far easier to adhere to the terms laid out within.

A divorce coach may not be right for every Colorado couple. However, for those who will transition into a co-parenting relationship at the end of their divorce, it is certainly an option worth considering. Many people feel that the time and investment required to work with a divorce coach will pay off for many years to come.

Source: The Huffington Post, "The Collaborative Divorce: A Litigator Explains", Robi Ludwig, Nov. 2, 2017

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