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October 2017 Archives

Unusual child custody matter sparks outrage

An unusual custody case has led to shock and outrage across the nation. The child custody matter did not take place in Colorado, and involves a convicted rapist and his former victim. The details of the case were so disturbing that a judge who ruled on the matter cut his vacation short to return and suspend his order until further hearings could take place.

Financial aspects of a Colorado divorce

In many marriages, one spouse handles the majority of the financial aspects while the other spouse takes care of other responsibilities. This concept can work great as long as the marriage is on stable ground. However, if the Colorado couple decides to divorce, it is important for both parties to be aware of their various assets, liabilities and other financial concerns.

Understanding dissipation of marital wealth during divorce

Ending a marriage requires a great deal of planning and a thorough exchange of information between parties and legal professionals. That process can seem tedious at times, especially for couples in Colorado who have a diverse mix of assets at the time of their divorce. Unfortunately, there are cases in which one spouse has inappropriately transferred or otherwise disposed of funds that should have been held in the marital assets "pot."

Mother arrested in long-standing child custody dispute

Faced with a custody order that is difficult to accept, some Colorado parents may be tempted to act in opposition to that order. Doing so, however, is almost always a bad idea. An example is found in a case in which a mother was arrested for violating a child custody court order by removing the child from her state of residence and concealing the family's whereabouts from the child's father.

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