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September 2017 Archives

One state clarifies child custody for same-sex parents

Most Colorado residents are aware of the landmark United States Supreme Court decision to legitimize same-sex marriage. Since that time, many same-sex couples have struggled in the area of child custody rights. Courts across the nation continue to hear cases in which same-sex parents argue over matters of child custody. One state's Supreme Court recently ruled on the matter, clarifying the application of the Supreme Court ruling to cases before state courts.

Understanding the difference between an annulment and divorce

For most Colorado couples, entering into marriage is an expression of commitment, one that is taken very seriously. However, there are circumstances under which marriages are brought to a close in a very short duration of time. In such cases, an annulment can be a powerful tool. Understanding the differences between an annulment and a divorce can help spouses make the right decision for their particular set of needs.

Divorce and Small Business

No matter who you are a divorce is always a difficult process. However, when one or both spouses are small business owners, dividing the business assets can make the process even more difficult and complex. While some people may not think of a small business as martial property, business assets are treated just like other assets and are subject to marital division. The following two situations involving small businesses often complicate the divorce process for business owners. 

Can an inmate pursued divorce while incarcerated?

When most Colorado spouses decide to end a marriage, there are very few obstacles in place to prevent that process from moving forward. For those who are incarcerated, however, it may be considerably more difficult, if not impossible, to file for and complete a divorce. This is an issue that receives very little attention, but can be incredibly harmful to people who are serving time.

A financial adviser can assist with divorce financial disclosure

Part of the process of ending a marriage involves both parties completing financial disclosure forms. For some Colorado families, this is a simple and straightforward process. For others, it can be quite complex, either due to the reluctance of a spouse to be forthcoming about money matters, or a complex asset portfolio. Either scenario can be addressed by the addition of a financial adviser to the divorce team.

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