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The practical benefits of a collaborative divorce

Many Colorado residents are familiar with the term collaborative law, but are unsure exactly what that means. Collaborative law offers spouses the ability to work together to iron out the details of their divorce settlement. Both parties enter the process with a shared commitment to resolve their issues on their own, outside of a court of law. Both parties are able to retain individual legal counsel, but the role of those attorneys is to facilitate a collaborative solution, not to take an adversarial stance on various divorce issues.

Collaboration has a number of benefits, some of which are emotional and others that are practical. In terms of financial matters, a collaborative divorce offers couples a high degree of privacy. In traditional litigation, a great deal of financial information is discussed in open court, where anyone present can hear. When couples are able to reach a settlement through collaboration, much of their financial information remains private.

This can be a real concern for many families, especially since the risk of identity theft remains high in Colorado and across the nation. Protecting one's sensitive financial information from public display should be a priority, and is a driving reason that leads many spouses to seek a collaborative divorce. Fortunately, more and more attorneys are becoming skilled in the area of collaborative law.

Colorado spouses should understand that collaboration does not require setting aside one's own needs. Throughout the process, legal counsel will be available to weigh in on the pros and cons of various divorce decisions. That can help spouses negotiate a divorce settlement that is fair, yet also in line with their individual needs and goals.

Source:, "Gentler, kinder collaborative divorce rules get approval in Florida", Frank Fernandez, Aug. 27, 2017

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