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Calendar options for children adjusting to child custody changes

For Colorado families with children, adjusting to the changes that come with a divorce can be a difficult process. One of the biggest hurdles for children of divorce is a feeling of utter lack of control. All of a sudden, they are faced with changes to where they will live, with whom they will spend their time and which parent will be present for school events, sporting activities and social gatherings. Coming to terms with those child custody changes is not easy, for parents or for children.

A great way to assist kids who are struggling to adjust to custody changes is to provide a visual means of tracking the family's schedule. One company has created a magnetic calendar that gives kids a clear idea of where and with whom they will be on any given day. The calendar uses a magnetic calendar board that comes in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly arrangements. Round magnets are customized to show various family members, houses and a full range of schools, sports or social activities.

These button magnets can be moved to show how the coming week or weeks will play out. Kids can walk up the board and see where they will be on a given day, and which parent they can expect to pick them up from school or take them to their soccer match. Having that visual reminder of their schedule can help kids make sense of the changes they face after a divorce.

Older children may prefer an online or app-based calendar that they can access on their phones, tablets or computer. No matter what type of schedule is chosen, having a way for the entire family to share important dates and events can make child custody scheduling far easier for everyone involved. For kids, being able to see their schedule can impart a sense of control, which can be in short supply during the changes that accompany a Colorado divorce.

Source:, "This Calendar For Kids of Divorce Is What Coparenting Is Truly All About", Kate Schweitzer, Aug. 15, 2017

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