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August 2017 Archives

The practical benefits of a collaborative divorce

Many Colorado residents are familiar with the term collaborative law, but are unsure exactly what that means. Collaborative law offers spouses the ability to work together to iron out the details of their divorce settlement. Both parties enter the process with a shared commitment to resolve their issues on their own, outside of a court of law. Both parties are able to retain individual legal counsel, but the role of those attorneys is to facilitate a collaborative solution, not to take an adversarial stance on various divorce issues.

Calendar options for children adjusting to child custody changes

For Colorado families with children, adjusting to the changes that come with a divorce can be a difficult process. One of the biggest hurdles for children of divorce is a feeling of utter lack of control. All of a sudden, they are faced with changes to where they will live, with whom they will spend their time and which parent will be present for school events, sporting activities and social gatherings. Coming to terms with those child custody changes is not easy, for parents or for children.

The ins and outs of a millennial prenuptial agreement

For previous generations, prenups were the financial planning tools of the wealthy. They were used primarily to protect inherited wealth, and were written to favor the moneyed spouse at the expense of his or her marital partner. In fact, there were many cases in which parents or grandparents made a prenup a condition of an inheritance. Today, however, millennials in Colorado are rewriting the rules when it comes to creating the perfect prenuptial agreement.

Child custody matter centered on parental intelligence, not abuse

When a child is removed from a parent's care by state authorities, there is usually a disturbing series of events that led up to that decision. In most cases, severe acts of abuse or chronic neglect precede a child custody matter between a parent and the state. There are cases, however, in Colorado and elsewhere, in which state authorities make a determination about the best interests of a child that go against the beliefs and opinions of many in the community. An example is found in one family's struggle to bring their young son back into their home.

Proposed legislation would protect kids in child custody cases

For many Colorado residents, going through a custody case is a stressful experience, one that is fraught with emotion. However, for some parents, a child custody battle is far more distressing due to elements of domestic violence. Fighting for custody rights against a partner who is controlling or abusive can be a terrifying experience, especially if the parent fears that the other party will harm the kids. A newly proposed resolution would offer additional protection for kids going through a high-conflict custody case.

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