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Great parenting is the best child custody prevention

Faced with an ongoing custody battle, many Colorado parents want to do everything in their power to improve their legal position. In reality, however, it is not the actions taken once a child custody case is underway but the actions taken in the years prior that matter the most. The best tips that a parent can receive concerning a child custody case involve nothing more than simple good parenting practices. Fortunately, those practices can bring plenty of benefit, regardless of whether a custody case arises.

One of the best things that a parent can do to improve one's custody stance is to be present and active in the lives of their children. That is sometimes easier said than done, since many families fall into the traditional roles under which one spouse acts as the breadwinner while the other rakes on the bulk of parenting duties. That arrangement may work out in a practical sense, but it leaves one parent at a distinct disadvantage in a custody fight. The parent who spends most of his or her time caring for the kids will be able to make a strong argument that the children have come to rely on that level of connection with that parent.

It is important for both parents to play an active role in the lives of their children. In some situations, that may mean making a conscious decision to prioritize one-on-one time between each parent and child. That could mean daily routines such as being tucked into bed at night, or special monthly daddy/daughter movie nights. No matter what form these connections take, staying closely connected is a great way to be a wonderful parent, and also a good way to improve one's child custody position.

It is difficult to think about child custody strategies when a Colorado marriage is working, and when divorce does not seem like an option. However, statistics suggest that as many as half of all marriages will eventually end in divorce. For those parents who took an active stance toward building strong bonds with their kids, a child custody case would be an easier process than it might be otherwise.

Source:, "A Divorce Lawyer's Top Five Marriage Tips For Fathers", B. Robert Farzad, June 28, 2017

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