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July 2017 Archives

Don't get blindsided by these common divorce expenses

When a Colorado spouse is considering ending his or her marriage, financial matters are often a top priority. The financial landscape for both spouses will invariably change once a divorce is made final. Being able to correctly anticipate and plan for those changes is the key to achieving financial stability in the months and years to follow.

Research shows divorce has never been more morally acceptable

The way that society views broken marriage has changed over the years. It wasn't that many decades ago when a divorce meant almost certain social scrutiny, and in some cases, difficulty moving on with a healthy social life. Things have slowly changed, and people have come to terms with divorce as a tool for people to move beyond a failed marriage and toward new endeavors. According to recent research, divorce has never been more socially acceptable than it is today, which may come as a relief to Colorado spouses who are considering ending their own union.

Great parenting is the best child custody prevention

Faced with an ongoing custody battle, many Colorado parents want to do everything in their power to improve their legal position. In reality, however, it is not the actions taken once a child custody case is underway but the actions taken in the years prior that matter the most. The best tips that a parent can receive concerning a child custody case involve nothing more than simple good parenting practices. Fortunately, those practices can bring plenty of benefit, regardless of whether a custody case arises.

One state passes law to help grandparents gain child custody

When a Colorado family is faced with a crisis, grandparents are often a lifeline for their grandchildren. This is especially true in cases where one or both parents are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Having a loving grandparent who is willing to step in and provide a safe and loving home to a child can make a world of difference. Now, one state has passed legislation that gives grandparents preference in child custody matters where drugs play a role.

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