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May 2017 Archives

Making sure that divorce is the best path forward

Very few people expect to receive marital advice from a legal professional whose line of business is processing the end of marriages. In reality, however, very few divorce attorneys relish the thought of ending a marriage that could possibly be saved. Most approach their role as facilitating a fair and favorable divorce for couples who have exhausted all efforts to remain happily married. To that end, the following advice is offered in the hopes of giving Colorado spouses the tools needed to determine if divorce is truly the best course of action.

Alex Jones of InfoWars asks to set aside child custody verdict

Some Colorado readers are familiar with the work of Alex Jones, the man behind the controversial website known as InfoWars. The site has made headlines over extreme claims and dubious conspiracy theories, some of which played a minor role in the recent presidential election. Jones and his former wife recently appeared in court on a child custody matter, and Alex Jones was unsuccessful in his efforts to maintain full custody of the couple's three children. Now, Jones has asked the court to set aside the recent jury verdict, prompting his ex-wife to speak out on the matter.

Is the Trump administration responsible for increased divorce?

Even in a healthy marriage, Colorado spouses will often fail to see eye to eye on certain matters. Being in complete agreement on every issue is not a requirement for a long and happy union. When spouses stand in firm opposition on certain topics, however, the marriage can become highly contentious under certain circumstances. According to some researchers, the Trump administration has provided the conditions under which some couples will move toward divorce.

Can a prenuptial agreement work for startup founders?

The landscape of the American workforce is changing, as technology fields continue to expand and grow. That has led to a plethora of startups and other ventures in the area of technology, in Colorado and across the nation. These jobs can be very lucrative, especially for the founders and those who are able to get in on the ground floor. When it comes to protecting that wealth from loss due to divorce, a prenuptial agreement may not provide full coverage on its own.

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