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April 2017 Archives

Do mandatory waiting periods reduce rates of divorce?

For many Colorado residents, the realization that their marriage was heading toward a conclusion was readily apparent for some time prior to the paperwork actually being filed. Few people throw in the towel on a marriage without a significant amount of deliberation, as well as plenty of work to make the relationship better. In some states, however, mandatory waiting periods prevent spouses from obtaining a divorce in a timely manner, despite the amount of time they have already put into trying to save their union.

Understanding how debt can impact a military divorce

The division of marital assets is a primary focus for most divorcing spouses, in Colorado and across the nation. Property division can be complicated, especially for military families in which there are complex retirement and other benefits to consider. One of the biggest mistakes that spouses can make, however, is to fail to consider the role that debt plays in a divorce. Debt must be divided much the same as assets, and the effects of that division can have a lasting impact.

Judge suspended in controversial child custody matter

When it comes to a parent's biggest fear, having their child fall ill or suffer a serious injury is often at the top of that list. Close after that would be losing their right to parent their child, and having a son or daughter removed from their home. While this outcome may seem unlikely for most parents, it is important to understand that a child custody matter can quickly change direction, and can have unintended and unexpected results, in Colorado or elsewhere.

Immigrant couples seeking prenuptial agreement assistance

Love him or hate him, our new president has certainly garnered the attention of both the media and the nation's population. For undocumented immigrants, fears over Trump's immigration policies have led to a great deal of stress. Some Colorado couples in which one party is undocumented have decided to step up their existing engagement in order to move closer to a green card, and the resulting security that the couple will be able to remain together. That has also led to an increase in the number of prenuptial agreement consultation requests to family law attorneys.

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