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March 2017 Archives

Child custody matter has unusual outcome

When faced with an unconventional lifestyle, many family courts are uncertain how to handle a custody fight. For those in Colorado and across the nation who are raising a child in a non-traditional family, it is important to understand that a child custody matter could have an unpredictable outcome. An example is found in a recent case in which custody rights were divided among three parties.

Child custody matter turns into criminal charges against mother

Custody battles are among the most heated types of court cases, in Colorado and across the nation. When a parent is faced with losing his or her child, emotion often overrules reason. Unfortunately, there is a danger of making rash decisions during this challenging time, and further worsening one's child custody matter. An example is found in a mother who is now facing serious criminal charges after she picked up her daughter in violation of a custody order.

Understanding the final cost of family law cases

When a Colorado resident enters into a divorce or child custody case, one of the top concerns is how much the process will cost. In some cases, people are surprised at the final tally of expenses, and feel caught off guard with what they are expected to pay for family law legal services. This should never be the case, and spouses are encouraged to take a proactive approach in addressing matters of cost with their attorney.

Child Support Termination

In Colorado, a divorce decree with children or paternity judgment may include a Child Support Order ("CSO") that will direct one parent to pay a sum of money to the other parent. The CSO will state when, how often, and how much a parent is required to pay. This blog will discuss the ways in which a CSO can terminate with and without a Court Order and potential roadblocks with the process.

When is the best time for parents to file for divorce?

For those in Colorado who are preparing to bring their marriage to a close, the timing of that action can be critical. This is especially true for parents, as the impact that a divorce will have on their children is often a chief concern. There are a number of ways to approach the timing issue, and no one-size-fits-all solution. The following approaches offer two different methods that parents might want to consider.

Protect against hidden assets during a Colorado divorce

As a marriage comes to a close, the primary focus of both spouses is often on the division of marital wealth. Disentangling finances in a fair and equitable manner can be a challenge. However, that challenge is exponentially more difficult when one spouse seeks to hide assets from the other during the course of their Colorado divorce.

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