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February 2017 Archives

Health care costs force some to choose strategic divorce

While most divorcing couples have reached a point in their relationship where they can no longer see eye-to-eye and are ready to go their separate ways, that is not always the dynamic at play. There are couples in Colorado and across the nation that choose divorce as a last-ditch financial option, and who love each other dearly. While most people would agree that divorce should never be a choice made to solve financial strife, that is the case for some couples that are desperately in need of long-term residential care.

How to fairly set aside funds to cover divorce expenses

There are few universal truths that can be applied to the process of ending a marriage, except perhaps that no degree of preparation is ever excessive. Colorado spouses should make every effort to be prepared, both emotionally and financially, for any set of circumstances that their divorce might present. That includes an angry or bitter reaction from one's spouse, and efforts to derail the divorce process before it even gets started.

New law: Judges to consider pet "custody" in divorce

Many Colorado residents are aware that there are no laws in place that require a family court judge to consider issues related to pet "custody" when a couple is divorcing. However, one state has recently undergone a change in that regard, and a new law will require judges to consider the wellbeing of each animal when making decisions concerning pet "custody" during a divorce. That change comes as a welcome relief to pet owners who are concerned about how their beloved pets would be treated in the event of a divorce.

During divorce, consider the full range of childhood expenses

As a Colorado couple moves through the end of a marriage, many different financial matters will come into play. For parents of shared children, child support is one of those topics. Most states have a system for determining the proper level of child support that the non-custodial parent will pay the other. However, many parents fail to address additional expenses that a child will incur as he or she grows up. Talking about those expenses during the larger divorce negotiations can make things easier for both parents and children.

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