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Don't file for divorce in the midst of heightened emotions

The end of a marriage is not something to be taken lightly. It is also not something to be rushed into. For many in Colorado, divorce is a choice that was made out of a place of pure emotion. While understandable, that type of approach is likely to yield poor results, and should be avoided whenever possible.

Jumping into a divorce is no wiser than jumping into a marriage. It takes time and effort to make the decision to end a marriage. It also takes preparation, and spouses who file in the midst of emotion often regret having done so. A far better approach is to make a conscious and well-informed decision to divorce, followed by judicious steps aimed at preparing for the divorce process.

For some spouses, this means gathering financial documentation that could become a source of contention once the divorce is underway. For others, it involves creating a post-divorce budget so that there are no surprises in the months and years that follow the end of a marriage. Still others have child custody issues that they need to consider, and will make an effort to get all of their proverbial ducks in a row prior to filing.  

No matter which of these considerations a Colorado spouse is most likely to pursue, the process will be made far smoother by choosing a skilled divorce attorney to guide the process. Having professional advice and oversight can make it far easier to move through a divorce. Spouses should also know that it is a savvy move to begin working with an attorney well in advance of announcing plans to end a marriage.

Source:, "Divorce lawyers: 30% more couples terminate their marriage after the holidays", Quentin Fottrell, Jan. 4, 2017

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