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November 2016 Archives

How a real estate agent can help meet divorce goals

For many Colorado residents, having to sell the family home is one of the most difficult aspects of the end of a marriage. A home is often the source of family memories both good and bad, and contemplating the sale of that property can be a heavy emotional burden. It is important, however, to understand the role that a professional real estate agent can play in handling the sale of the property during a divorce.

Child custody matter focused on prostitution

A mother has regained custody of her two children after a lengthy appeals process. The case centered on the mother's decision to temporarily work as a prostitute in a state where prostitution is legal. When her former partner took issue with that decision, a nasty child custody case began, which many in Colorado have followed.

Dissipation of assets can drastically impact divorce

Many Colorado residents gain a different perspective on their spouse as their marriage comes to an end. Often, divorce brings out the worst in people, especially where financial matters are concerned. Some spouses go so far as to take steps to intentionally deplete marital wealth, a process known as dissipation of assets. That can have a drastic impact on the eventual property division settlement.

The dangers of digital data during a Colorado divorce

Most Colorado residents are acutely aware that they leave a digital footprint whenever they use the computer to access the internet. In fact, concerns about identity theft have created an entire industry of security software, monitoring systems and more. However, not everyone considers the impact that digital data can have on their divorce, although recent news surrounding the divorce of one of Hillary Clinton's top aides has brought that subject to the forefront.

Modification of Maintenance

Are you eligible to have a maintenance award modified? The first question is whether or not you entered into contractual maintenance. Contractual maintenance occurs by agreement between the parties at the time of dissolution which specifies that the Court does not have jurisdiction to modify either the amount or duration of the maintenance award. 

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