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The importance of being specific in a divorce agreement

No two Colorado residents will have the exact same experience if and when they end a marriage. A divorce settlement is a document that details the specifics of all aspects of a divorce, from child custody and property division to a multitude of lesser issues. Even for couples who have a relatively simple divorce, it is absolutely imperative to ensure that the resulting agreement is as specific as possible, especially where money is concerned.

Selling the family home during a Colorado divorce

For homeowners, the division of marital property can be far more complex than for those couples who have not purchased a home. Deciding how to divide the equity in the family home can be one of the more complex aspects of a Colorado divorce. A number of different options exist, each with a unique set of pros and cons. Navigating those choices successfully is important, as the outcome will have an impact on the financial stability of both parties.

Don't expect support from partner during divorce

On a surface level, Colorado spouses understand that the end of their marriage will change their relationship with their partner. That said, many people have a hard time acknowledging that the person they have been married to might undergo radical changes during a divorce, and may act in ways that differ from the past. Being prepared for such changes can make the overall process of divorce easier to bear.

Avoid heavy spending in advance of military divorce

Planning to divorce involves a great deal of time and effort. It also requires an investment of money. That said, Colorado spouses must take care to limit their spending in advance of a military divorce. Failure to do so can give the impression that an individual is intentionally trying to deplete marital assets prior to divorce, which is a situation that the courts do not look upon favorably.

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