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September 2016 Archives

Is there a prenuptial agreement for unmarried couples?

For many Colorado couples, the urge to wed is simply not an issue. They are perfectly content to align their lives and pursue a fully committed relationship, without the need to formalize the union by marriage. This is a totally valid lifestyle choice, but one that can have a number of financial repercussions if things do not work out as planned. Married couples can protect themselves by way of a prenuptial agreement, while unmarried couples have access to a similar contract: the cohabitation agreement.

Actor Ben Vereen did not properly divorce first wife

Many Colorado readers are familiar with the career of Ben Vereen, an entertainer who has had a long and successful career. Vereen has been making recent headlines not for a new entertainment role, but due to the fact that he is being accused of being married to two women at once. The case involves a long span of time and a divorce that may not have been properly handled many years ago.

Divorce attorneys see spike after summer vacations

Ask most people in Colorado when marriages tend to fall apart, and the common reply will be immediately after Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. However, recent research suggests that divorce filings also peak in the weeks following summer vacations. A study presented to the American Sociological Association asserts that divorce filings show consistent peaks in August and March.

Jurisdiction can play a major role in a divorce case

Some Colorado couples have lived within the state for many years and have not established residency elsewhere during the course of their marriage. In such cases, a divorce between two Colorado residents is likely to play out within the state's courts. However, there are many cases in which spouses have a choice of jurisdiction when the time comes to file for divorce. Understanding the role that jurisdiction plays can make a world of difference in the eventual outcome of a divorce.

Could this man's divorce request be refused?

There are a number of difficult issues that Colorado residents face when preparing to end a marriage. However, very few are concerned that their ability to seek a divorce in the first place will be challenged. However, there are cases in which an individual's right to seek divorce can be limited. An example is found in one state's courts where a man's mental competency has been called into question.

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