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Addressing athletic training during child custody negotiations

Each and every Colorado family is unique, and no two sets of parents will have the exact same issues at play within their divorce and custody case. In the immediate aftermath of the summer Olympics, the topic of athletic training seems timely. Divorcing parents who have kids that are serious about sports should think about including the issue within their child custody negotiations.

It doesn't take making the Olympic team to make sports a relevant topic. Anyone who has had a child play on a competitive or travel team knows what a huge investment of time, effort and money it takes to play sports at that level. Supporting a child's athletic endeavors can be a challenge, even when a family remains intact. Taking on those obligations after a divorce can be exponentially harder.

Parents of serious youth athletes need to sit down and discuss how the child's participation will be affected by the divorce. Will one parent shoulder the burden of making sure that the child attends practices and games? Is the other parent expected to meet those obligations while the child is in his or her care? Who will pay the cost associated with elite-level athletic training or competition?

As with so many divorce and child custody issues, the best way to handle this matter is through communication. Colorado parents should discuss their position on the issue early in the divorce process, so that each party knows what to expect. If the child's participation is going to be negatively impacted, it is important to decide how to discuss the matter with the child and to ensure that he or she can still play or compete, even if at a lower level of intensity.

Source:, "Kids, sports and divorce: bringing up the next Olympic star", Myra Fleischer, Aug. 13, 2016

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