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High profile celebrity divorce comes to a close

The union of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin has come to an end. The high profile couple has completed their unusual divorce, and they have maintained the high road throughout. Their divorce serves as an example to many Colorado parents who would like to take a similar path in their own divorce and child custody proceedings.

Regarding their divorce as a conscious uncoupling, Paltrow and Martin brought the concept into the spotlight. This unusual approach places the focus on areas of commonality. The couple is able to start from a place of shared goals and interests and work forward from there. In this case, the actress and musician have placed the best interests of their shared children at the center of their divorce.

The couple have continued to go on family vacations together and support one another, even as they moved through the stages of the divorce process. While that may not have always been easy, it would be hard to argue that such an approach is not beneficial to their two children. The media has made much of their novel approach, but the high profile couple did not invent the concept of conscious uncoupling, which has been around for some time.

Colorado parents who would like to take a similar approach should know that it is not only the rich and famous who are able to move through their divorce with grace. Everyone can have a less contentious and more amicable divorce by simply looking for those areas where they are already in agreement. Centering divorce negotiations on shared goals is a great way to keep negotiations positive and moving forward, no matter what term is used to describe the process.

Source:, "Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin divorce finalized", Marilyn Malara, May 26, 2016

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