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June 2016 Archives

Court rules that divorce cannot be used as grounds for firing

Going through marital trouble can cause a great deal of stress, especially when it seems unlikely that the relationship will survive. Spouses often worry about the financial repercussions of a divorce and take those issues into consideration when planning how to proceed. However, losing a job based on a divorce is something that may not have occurred to some Colorado spouses. That is an issue that one state's Supreme Court recently examined, and the outcome could come as a relief to some.

These conditions suggest a good time for a divorce

Once a Colorado spouse has decided that his or her marriage is beyond repair, the next step involves determining when to pull the trigger on the legal end to the union. It can be hard to know when the time is right to go ahead and move forward with a divorce, but there are certain circumstances that make some times better than others. The following are signs that the time may be ripe for filing for divorce.

Some children will respond to parents' divorce by grieving

Many social science researchers believe that the end of a marriage is akin to a loss for a family's children. Even when divorce is inarguably the best choice for all involved, transitioning from one household into two can be a challenge for kids. Their future may be far brighter because of the divorce, but they may have a hard time looking at the matter in terms of anything other than loss for a period of time. Some will go through the same stages of grief that follow the loss of a loved one, and Colorado parents should be prepared for that series of events.

High profile celebrity divorce comes to a close

The union of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin has come to an end. The high profile couple has completed their unusual divorce, and they have maintained the high road throughout. Their divorce serves as an example to many Colorado parents who would like to take a similar path in their own divorce and child custody proceedings.

What is a divorce mortgage and what are the benefits?

A new type of financial product may soon hit the market in Colorado and elsewhere in the nation. Known as a "divorce mortgage," it is a new lending approach that could help thousands of people who are preparing to divorce. These types of loans are intended to give divorcing spouses the ability to afford to retain their family home, which is often a priority during a divorce.

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