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May 2016 Archives

Conflict may cause more problems than divorce

Most Colorado readers are aware that statistics suggest that children who experience the end of their parents' marriage are more likely to have their own unions come to an end. Recent research takes a fresh look at statistics concerning marriage and divorce, and finds that it may be the level of conflict within a marriage that has more of a negative impact on kids than a divorce. This may come as a relief to those who are considering whether their own marriage is worth saving.

Examples of truly terrible divorce advice

Once a couple has announced their intention to end their marriage, friends and family often rally around their loved one, offering support and consolation. In many cases, those who are closest to the parties want to offer their advice, as well. While the intent behind shared advice may be good, the outcome of those efforts is often very negative. The following are examples of divorce advice that all Colorado residents should ignore.

Here is one way to fund a divorce or child custody case

Some Colorado readers are already familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. This is a process by which an individual or group can post details about a project that they are seeking funding for, and other people can contribute as they wish. Various sites are used to create and promote crowdfunding efforts, and some of those sites are beginning to offer divorce as a crowdfunding category.

The truth about how women fare after divorce

Many of the longstanding beliefs that revolve around gender have been left behind in favor of a more objective approach. That said, there remain multiple assumptions that are made based on a person's gender, especially when it comes to Colorado divorce. An example lies in the belief that women who divorce are able to siphon assets earned by their husbands and go on to live lives of comfort and ease. Research shows that this belief is false, and that the truth of the matter is far different.

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