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Consistency is key after a child custody change

The first few months that follow a divorce are always a challenge. Families have to settle into their new structure, and kids have to adjust to spending time between two homes, as opposed to just living in one location. Colorado parents can make this time of transition much easier on their kids by working to maintain a degree of consistency while everyone becomes accustomed to the new child custody setting.

One approach is to model both households after the structure that was in place in the unified home. This means maintaining many of the same routines, traditions and discipline measures that were in place prior to the divorce. Continuing many of the same practices in both homes will give kids a sense of continuity, which can help them to feel grounded during what can be an otherwise tumultuous time.

For parents who want to make changes to the old routines, it is helpful to sit down together and try to find some common ground. This means discussing how each parent would like to address discipline and routines and looking for areas where both households can follow the same rules and practices. Even though the patterns may be different than they were prior to the divorce, kids will still have a sense of security in knowing that things are the same at one parent's house as the other.

In order to create and maintain a sense of consistency after a new child custody change, parents must be willing to work together to find a solution that fits everyone's needs. This can be a challenge in and of itself. However, for those in Colorado who are willing to make the effort, the end result can be beneficial to all involved.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Consistent Coparenting Eases Life for Children After Divorce", Rosalind Sedacca, Feb. 29, 2016

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