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March 2016 Archives

Singer from the 70s now in his 70s and heading for divorce

Few Colorado residents over the age of 35 are unfamiliar with the song "American Pie," which was written and sung by Don McLean. A product of the 1970s, the tune has been widely covered and is a long-time classic. McLean is making headlines once again, but not in connection to his musical career. The 70-year-old is headed for divorce court after his wife of 30 years filed to end their marriage. He is also accused of domestic violence, which may play a role in the divorce.

Is technology aimed at simplifying divorce a good thing?

Technology has vastly changed the lives of most Colorado residents, and the bulk of that change has been for the better. Now, several companies have created online tools aimed at simplifying the divorce process. While a faster and cheaper divorce may sound like a good option to many people, the reality is that very few couples can benefit from a Do-it-Yourself approach to the legal complexities involved in ending a marriage.

Consistency is key after a child custody change

The first few months that follow a divorce are always a challenge. Families have to settle into their new structure, and kids have to adjust to spending time between two homes, as opposed to just living in one location. Colorado parents can make this time of transition much easier on their kids by working to maintain a degree of consistency while everyone becomes accustomed to the new child custody setting.

Proposed bill seeks to end unregulated child custody transfers

When most Colorado residents think about child custody matters, they envision a fight between two parents over the division of parenting time. There are other types of child custody issues, however, that take a different form. One state is considering legislation that would put an end to unregulated child custody transfers, also known as the process of "re-homing" children.

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