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How social media can have a negative impact on divorce

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other social media outlets give Colorado residents a means of reaching out and making connections across the world. While social media has a number of undeniable benefits, it is important to realize that there are risks involved in creating such a public persona. This is especially true during the course of a divorce, when appearance can be everything, and one small social media misstep can turn into the center of a legal argument.

Spouses who are divorcing and who are negotiating the division of parenting duties should give some thought to how they use social media. It is crucial to understand that anything that is posted online becomes fair play within a legal case. Posts that might seem trivial or insubstantial to one party can be portrayed far differently by another. During a highly contentious divorce or child custody case, anything that can be used to shine a negative light on one party should be avoided.

For example, parents often post comments or photographs of parties or other social gatherings. Alcohol often plays a role in these events, and there is nothing wrong with the responsible consumption of adult beverages. That said, a handful of social media posts and photos that center on drinking can easily be portrayed as evidence that challenges the fitness of one parent over the other. Rather than having to defend one's choices in a court of law, a better approach would be to simply avoid these types of posts altogether.

Social media is a relatively new form of technology, and the courts are slow to keep pace with these types of advancements. This means that it is difficult to predict how much weight the matter will have in various courtrooms across Colorado. Therefore, this is an area within divorce in which caution should reign supreme.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Social Media and Divorce: Why You Should Put the Keyboard Down and Log Out", Ashley Tate Cooper, Dec. 7, 2015

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