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Tips for men after the child custody process

In the midst of a contentious custody battle, many Colorado parents focus on little else. Once the child custody process is over, however, the real work begins. Co-parenting can be a challenge, and getting into the swing of a new parenting routine can take a high degree of both time and effort. For men who are facing the initial few months of single parenting, the following tips could be of assistance.

One of the most important things to keep in mind after a divorce and custody battle is that it takes time to heal. People who rush that process will often end up with a negative result. One common mistake is to jump immediately back into a relationship. This may be an effort to avoid loneliness, an attempt to offset feelings of being abandoned or betrayed. Regardless of the reasoning, newly divorced spouses should be wary of jumping back in the saddle too quickly.

Before a new relationship can be given a fair chance of surviving, a newly divorced parent needs to work out a co-parenting arrangement that will stand the test of time. This gives both parents the chance to grow accustomed to their new roles, and also gives shared children time to become comfortable with the new family structure. Bringing someone new into the mix can only serve to complicate matters.

Both men and women can benefit from taking the time to settle into co-parenting. The conditions laid out within a Colorado child custody process will need to be successfully implemented in the first few months following a divorce. This can be a challenging time for parents, and the process deserves and demands their full attention.  

Source:, "What are the Do's & Don'ts for Newly Divorced Co-Parents?", Allana Pratt, Oct. 5, 2015

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