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Study shows that women are more likely to seek divorce

When a marriage is faltering, many Colorado spouses are unsure what steps to take to address the problem. Some will seek counseling, but many more will simply avoid taking any action to resolve the issue until forced to do so. In many cases, one spouse will decide that the union is broken beyond repair and will seek a divorce. A recent study asserts that women are more likely than men to take this step.

Researchers looked at data collected as part of a national survey. More than 2,000 individuals who had opposite-sex partners between the years of 2009 and 2015 responded. By the end of the study period, among those couples who divorced, the woman initiated the end of the marriage 69 percent of the time.

One reason why women may choose to call it quits sooner than their husbands is the fact that women today have far greater ability to provide for their own needs than in decades past. Many women are able to support themselves as well as their children without a second income. For others, knowing that they will have spousal or child support coming in is also helpful in making the decision whether to keep working on a faltering marriage or move on to new horizons.

For Colorado women who are considering divorce, completing the necessary research is key to making an informed decision. It can be helpful to schedule an initial consultation with a divorce attorney to discuss one's circumstances. This meeting can give a spouse an idea of how his or her financial landscape might look both during and after a divorce. As this study suggests, many women are taking a proactive approach when it comes to moving beyond a broken marriage and toward a new tomorrow.

Source:, "Women Are More Likely to Initiate Divorce, But Not Dating Breakups", Laura Geggel, Aug. 22, 2015

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