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September 2015 Archives

Child custody case focuses on improper adoption

Preparing for the birth of a child is a busy time, full of excitement, anxieties and plans for the future. For unwed fathers in Colorado who are awaiting the birth of their children, there is an additional level of stress than comes in the form of a tenuous legal connection to their unborn child. When there is a difference of opinion between the mother and father, the man is often placed at a distinct disadvantage in determining how the child will be cared for. An example is found in a child custody case in which a man had to plead with a court for the return of his baby daughter, who had been placed for adoption without his knowledge or consent.

Can gay marriage stop straight divorce?

Most Colorado readers are aware of the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legitimizes same-sex marriage across the nation. In the aftermath of that groundbreaking decision, many people continue to have difficulty accepting the fact that marriage has been made possible to all, regardless of their gender. A recent divorce case serves as an example of the ire that can result in the wake of sweeping social change, as a family court judge refuses to grant a divorce to a heterosexual couple, citing the SCOTUS decision within his unusual ruling.

Taking the time needed during a divorce

For many Colorado spouses, a divorce filing comes after many months or years of contemplating the end of one's marriage. By the time the paperwork is filed, a great many spouses are eager to get the process moving forward. Some will focus so intently on the legal end of their marriage that they will make a number of mistakes along the divorce path. It is important to understand that divorce takes time and that this is a life event that should never be rushed.

How back-to-school can impact child custody

For Colorado parents who are in the midst of divorce, handling back-to-school time can be a challenge. The routines and schedules that existed before the split will no longer apply, and parents must work out a way to find a new normal in the middle of school and extracurricular demands. As with most child custody matters, parents who are able to work together to create and follow a plan will fare far better than those who become mired in contention.

Study shows that women are more likely to seek divorce

When a marriage is faltering, many Colorado spouses are unsure what steps to take to address the problem. Some will seek counseling, but many more will simply avoid taking any action to resolve the issue until forced to do so. In many cases, one spouse will decide that the union is broken beyond repair and will seek a divorce. A recent study asserts that women are more likely than men to take this step.

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