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Divorce will create a new relationship with one's spouse

For many Colorado spouses, frustrations and disappointments define the timeframe leading up to a divorce. Some spouses wish that they could simply walk away from their marriage and never have to interact with their former partner again. In reality, however, divorce doesn't negate the relationship one has with an ex; it simply changes the form of that relationship.

This is especially true for spouses who share a child. In order to make the impact of the divorce as minimal as possible, both parents will need to work together to meet the needs of shared children. This is true even in cases where one or both spouses are extremely upset or angry over the end of the marriage. Just because two people have made the choice to no longer be married, they will always be bonded by their children.

When considering this bond, it may be helpful to remember that the emotional impact of a divorce will lessen over time. In the months and years to come, tensions will lessen and negative emotions connected to the divorce will fade. In some cases, former spouses are even able to build a friendship after their divorce, which can be an entirely new type of relationship than the one they had during the marriage.

For spouses who are going through divorce, it is impossible to know what the future will hold. Understanding that one's feelings toward his or her ex will change over time can make it easier to move through the divorce process. For those in Colorado who are transitioning into a co-parenting relationship, focusing on the shared goal of making the shift in family structure easier on shared children can be a powerful motivation for cooperation.

Source: The Huffington Post, "4 Things to Keep in Mind When Healing After Divorce or Breakup", Jennifer Twardowski, Aug. 4, 2015

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