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Planning a long distance move after divorce?

Many Colorado couples plan to remain within the same geographical area after their divorce. Doing so helps ensure that shared children have plenty of access to both parents, and that both parties are able to enjoy time spent with their kids. In many cases, however, this plan can change due to a post-divorce job change, family needs or other factors that were not planned for. When one parent is planning a long distance move, it is important to approach the subject in a careful manner, so that children are reassured that they will continue to maintain a connection to the absent parent.

The best way to have these discussions is for both parents to be present and involved. Presenting a unified front in the matter gives kids the security of knowing that both parents are working together to reach the best possible resolution to the matter. This also gives kids a chance to ask questions in the presence of both mom and dad.

Kids will want to know when they will be able to see the non-custodial parent, and for what duration of time. It is important to have an idea of how the altered custody schedule will look, so that this information can be shared with one's child or children. Kids will also have plenty of questions about how the move will affect their school placement, friends and extracurricular activities. Parents should be prepared to address these issues as well.

When both parents are able to work together to reach a modified custody agreement, kids benefit. In some cases, however, Colorado parents are unable to see eye-to-eye on the subject and must go back before a family court to reach a new child custody arrangement. Doing so can be a challenge, but in many cases the process can be handled by the same attorney who assisted during the divorce, who will already be familiar with the family.

Source:, "Helping kids cope with post-divorce move", Helena Oliviero, July 8, 2015

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