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Divorce not easy for couples in Colorado

Married Colorado couples may not understand the details of a divorce until they actually need one. Getting a divorce is never easy, and sometimes the unintentional judgment from well-meaning family and friends can make it worse. Those who have people close to them who are going through a divorce need to understand a few things about the process and suspend judgment. 

In marriage, divorce should not be considered an option until it becomes the only option for the couple. These couples want others to know that they wanted their marriage to last forever right up until they saw no relief except through divorce. Also, there is no such thing as a divorce being final because issues between the couple can go on for years afterwards – especially if they have children.

No matter how similar the marriage is to another couple's, their divorces will not be identical. Also, just because a person is in an abusive marriage, it does not mean that it will make the divorce any easier. No matter how badly a couple says they want to save their marriage, one spouse cannot do it alone.

Going through a divorce can be equivalent to riding a roller coaster of emotions. There are times when a divorce can be carried out by couples who are acting like adults and work through the process amicably, but that does not necessarily mitigate emotional fallout. Divorce can devastate people, but it can also be liberating for those who have been fighting to try to save a marriage that had already died.

Divorce often feels like a spouse has died but without the funeral where they have permission from the general public to grieve. Comparing a divorce to a bad break-up with a boyfriend or girlfriend is not really accurate or fair as divorce usually has so much more at stake. Finally, divorce is not equivalent to a dirty word; it is never easy, and judgment from others does not help the situation. 

A Colorado divorce can be messy. However, couples who are at that point in their marriage may wish to speak to an attorney to determine the best approach to take in a divorce. Each person should have his or her own attorney for representation.

Source:, "12 Things You Don't Understand About Divorce (Until You Get One)", Brittany Wong, June 22, 2015

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