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July 2015 Archives

Can marijuana use threaten child custody rights?

Anyone who is exposed to virtually any form of news media is aware that the nation is struggling to determine the best way to handle the issue of legalizing marijuana. While some states have taken far greater strides in the matter than others, there are still a number of concerns for those who make use of the drug. Regardless of whether marijuana use is legal, the issue can lead to legal troubles if a child custody case arises. Understanding how drug use can affect one's child custody rights can make a world of difference for Colorado parents facing such a challenge.

Planning a long distance move after divorce?

Many Colorado couples plan to remain within the same geographical area after their divorce. Doing so helps ensure that shared children have plenty of access to both parents, and that both parties are able to enjoy time spent with their kids. In many cases, however, this plan can change due to a post-divorce job change, family needs or other factors that were not planned for. When one parent is planning a long distance move, it is important to approach the subject in a careful manner, so that children are reassured that they will continue to maintain a connection to the absent parent.

Children detained in child custody contempt case

A highly unusual case has garnered national media attention after three children were jailed for refusing to see their father. The case has led to a great deal of outrage among parents in Colorado and across the nation. While a number of child custody cases include hearings on contempt, the parties involved in those proceedings are the parents, not the children. In this case, the judge seems to be punishing the children for the family's ongoing conflict.

Child custody case in Colorado crossed national borders

Last December, two Colorado fathers were unpleasantly surprised when their daughters, who share a mother, disappeared. The fathers realized something was wrong when the girls' mother failed to meet either of them for a child custody exchange. One of the girls is six years old and the other is four years old.

Divorce not easy for couples in Colorado

Married Colorado couples may not understand the details of a divorce until they actually need one. Getting a divorce is never easy, and sometimes the unintentional judgment from well-meaning family and friends can make it worse. Those who have people close to them who are going through a divorce need to understand a few things about the process and suspend judgment. 

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