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Child custody battles in Colorado seek shared parenting

Parents in Colorado and across the nation who have separated or divorced are talking about equal parenting time. One man from another state recently shared his experience of fighting for child custody. In doing so, he has made the point that unless a parent is a threat to the child, he or she should have an equal amount of parenting time with the child.

After battling for custody of his 4-year-old daughter, this man was only allowed to see her five days a month. Because of his dissatisfaction of the results of his custody hearing, he founded his own non-profit organization to help other parents who are fighting for custody. The association helps parents first by giving support to those in need. It also strives to educate parents of their rights. Lastly, the group will help a parent fighting for custody find an affordable attorney.

A study that was published in 2013 focused on what is in the best interest of the child when the parents live in separate households. The study declared that fathers only get sole custody of their children in about 8 percent of the cases while mothers are awarded sole custody in about 46 percent of the cases. Joint legal custody also has the child's main residence with his or her mother in about 23 percent of the cases and in their father's home about 5 percent of the time.

In Colorado, parents who are fighting for equal parenting time in child custody cases assert that in most cases the mother is given the most amount of time with the children without much regard to the father. However, there are cases where one parent is more able to take physical custody of the child even when both parents are equally fit to care for the child. Attorneys in Colorado can help parents ask the courts for equal parenting time and can help parents work with their ex-partner to determine a custody agreement that is fair to all of those involved.

Source:, "Custody & battling for equal parenting time", Reid Kilmer, June 4, 2015

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