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April 2015 Archives

Colorado seeks courts who rule in child custody

In Colorado and elsewhere, child custody proceedings can be detrimental to the children involved if the parents or guardians are constantly fighting over the details. Child custody hearings are primarily about the well-being of the child or children, especially when they are being pulled in different directions by the guardians or parents. When the parties cannot reach an agreement among themselves, the court steps in and makes a determination based upon the best interests of any children involved.

Colorado one of 20 states considering new child custody laws

Nearly 20 states are considering legislation that would alter how judges rule on custody matters. In January, the Colorado Senate introduced a bill aimed at increasing shared parenting. With this particular plan, courts must explain the reasoning behind a non-shared parenting plan to show that the shared child custody plan was considered and exactly why it was not introduced.

Domestic violence can occur during Colorado divorce

Domestic violence can happen anytime and anywhere, even during a divorce. When a person files for divorce who has previously been abused in some way, that person should address that fact with his or her attorney from the beginning. However, some attorneys are finding that sometimes the abuse does not begin until after the divorce papers are filed. Colorado residents who are experiencing domestic violence during a divorce may be interested in more information on what to do.

Actress Tasha Smith must pay spousal support to ex

Actress Tasha Smith starred in the well known film "Why Did I Get Married?" After her recent divorce, she might be asking herself the same question. There was significant drama during the marriage, with each party receiving a restraining order amid mutual claims of fear for personal safety. Colorado readers may be relieved to learn that a settlement has been reached, though Smith is apparently unhappy about the amount of spousal support she is now required to pay.

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