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Colorado prenuptial agreement has many facets

Many engaged couples are now choosing to create a prenuptial agreement before the big day. In fact, some people in Colorado find that a prenuptial agreement (or a cohabitation agreement when the parties live together without getting married) can help to stave off fights later on and actually make for a more harmonious relationship. Many people who consider this type of agreement do so to protect differences in wealth, pension rights and/or investments. Business interests and children from a previous relationship are also prominent reasons for considering such an arrangement.

The relative ease of filing for a divorce and the fact that many companies that offer background checks to anyone who pays a fee suggest that a prenuptial agreement may be an appropriate choice. There are a few things to remember, though. It's important to ensure that applicable laws are followed. If a move to another state is contemplated, it makes sense to seek assistance concerning the laws there to determine if the agreement is still valid and enforceable if it should be needed. 

As life progresses and individual circumstances change, such as a new baby, it may be appropriate to revisit the agreement. Financial concerns are typically addressed, including spousal maintenance and even child support. Lifestyle and conduct provisions can also be included in an agreement, though they cannot be illegal or contrary to public policy. Topics such as infidelity and religious upbringing of a child are commonly addressed.

Prenuptial agreements were once seen as a tool for someone who did not trust their future spouse, but now they are viewed for what they are meant to be -- a protection for both parties to the agreement. For those in Colorado who are considering a prenuptial agreement, an attorney who is experienced in family law can be of help in making the many decisions required for the agreement. While each party will want to retain separate counsel, these attorneys can work together with the parties to negotiate an agreement that is fair for everyone.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Common Prenuptial Agreement Legal Issues", Brad Reid, Feb. 18, 2015

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